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signoradeifiltri.blog (not only book reviews)

Do you want to join us?

12 Luglio 2013 , Scritto da Patrizia Poli Con tag #redazione

signoradeifiltri.overblog.com is a collective blog.

This is a blog of many voices, where each writer writes what he wants, on the subject he prefers, without any obligations or timetables to be met. It can be anything, from photos, videos, personal reflections to poems, stories, travel accounts, reviews of books and films. It’s like many blogs into one, a mix between a magazine, a website of literary criticism, and a personal blog.

It is voluntary and unpaid.

The only requirements are seriousness and that the editors are able to write in proper Italian or english.

To enter our team you must first send a sample of your wrting to the address


if you are accepted you can then start work

To begin:

Subscribe by following the link we send you in the confirmation email

create your own account

when you see the screen with the orange rectangle, where it says NEW POST, you can start to write, upload photos and link

Enter a single tag, always with your name, which will allow you to have your own personal page

Some simple rules to editors:

Write what you want, all topics are welcome, from recipes to gardening, with a preference for those of a cultural nature, without exception. Enter freely reviews of books and films, critical essays, but also short stories, poems, personal reflections, opinions, travel diaries, photos, videos, considerations of your personal experiences and your profession.

We will not accept text of insulting, profane, racist, defamatory or pornographic content.

Signe with your name, or a pseudonym that you will maintain in all your articles.

You will be solely responsible for what you write, your social or political opinions.

If the article has already been published on another website or blog, always quote the original source and insert the link reference.

The length of the article is to your liking, we recommend to watch out for spacing and punctuation

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