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9 Febbraio 2014 , Scritto da Patrizia Poli Con tag #poli patrizia, #racconto

My father had to push to get me through the wrought-iron gate, surmounted by TV cameras. I was surprised to see that the whole interior of the wall was covered with a thick foam.

- Dad, why is the son of Simonti not coming to school?

- It is none of your business! Go to school, and study.”

My father was very angry with me. When I brought home my votes I was forced to follow him in his work as a gardener for the whole summer. That day it was the turn of the villa Simonti .

I wanted to ask confirmation of the rumors that were circulating in the classroom. It was said that the Simonti held a monster in the house and he never came out.

While my father poured gasoline in the mower, and busied himself to turn it on, panting and pulling the rope of the engine, I was still looking for the answer to my question.

Then the mower was set in motion and its noise drowned out every other noise. My father, grim, nodded at the first rake and then at a large tree near the house, and I knew that I had to collect all the leaves that had fallen.

I took the rake and walked reluctantly toward the tree in the middle of the garden. I began to rake a few leaves in here and there, chewing on a piece of candy.

Then a hiss caught my attention.

On the lawn in front of the house, there were a woman and a child.

The woman had blonde hair, tied with a rubber band. The child was as tall as me. But he did not walk like me. He lolled with his hands outstretched .

The woman kept a little distance, ready to support him, but silent.

The child was advancing barefoot in the grass.

Forward, forward , forward ...

Cold feet , because I have nothing to cover the things down. Under, wet ice of thin mushy wires. Next on soggy, wet.

Tickling, thrill ... Perfume, air .

Breath. Breath.

Heat pinches, and I like. I raise my head towards the heat that stings and I like.

I raked mechanically, but I kept looking at the two. They were strange, but just strange strange .

The child bobbed forward, then stopped, opened his mouth sucking breath, as if he were drinking the air and he liked it a lot .

With both hands, the child began to rub the wall of the house, running his fingers along some sort of plastic bar that led to the door.

I hid behind the trunk of the great tree, but I was close enough to see every detail. The child's fingers were too corroded by probing and rubbing everything he encountered. There was blood on his fingertips.

The woman was silent as if the words were useless, she did not touch anything, did not smile, and her eyes were as sweet as those of my mother when she looked at me. No, more than that.

Then the child reached the door .

I tend arms. Touch round, icy rough. Straight ahead, straight up to the hole with tips that I know about .

The woman and the child came into the house, but from the large open windows I could still see them. They had stopped in the first room. There were a wardrobe, a bed with bars, soft toys. There was a table without corners. There were no pictures on the walls, there was no poster of "The Lord of the Rings" or of a soccer team, like in my room. Each object was covered with foam like the wall outside.

The woman crumbled cookies and turned them into the child’s mouth with her hands, then poured him a glass of water.

Here is my smell , my things.

Even if it is pungent, it is sweet . She is here with me.

Saliva, I'm hungry. I open my mouth , I pull out my tongue and she puts in taste, sweet on the tip, more salty down, soft , soft.

I chew , I swallow . Now water , fresh , fizzes.

Cough, cough ...

Fingers inside my finger , fingers that go up and down, up and down , flying , patting, caressing , clasping . Fingers, smooth, soft , scented .

I'm glad she's here. I raise my hands up, up toward her, toward the head, mouth , globes .

Trembles , trembles , I think she's tired . Water, water on my finger , I lick salt water , water ...

My mother, at times, beats on my back when the water goes through me, too . My mother caresses me, too, but she does not put my fingers in her mouth, she does not wash the blood from my fingertips with her kisses . She does not cry like that.

Now next to me was my father. I had not even noticed that the mower had stopped, the garden was silent again, and my father had put a hand on my shoulder . - Oh , son, such a tragedy ...

When my father finished his work, the sun was setting . We walked back home together, hand in hand. For some reason, now he no longer seemed so angry .

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